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All our courses have been designed and developed to cover all aspects of music from practical, theory, ear-training, performace, gear set-up, studio recording, sound, tone as well as music appreciation. We thus provide you with resources to make learning music enjoyable.  This eventually ensures the growth of the student both in terms of the craft as well as holistically. It additionally also enables them to compose original music on their own thus helping further one's creativity. 

We help and encourage our students to understand not only his/her instrument of learning but also to understand other instruments. For eg.,
a guitar student is encouraged to sing and play the instrument and understand drums and piano parts. Similarly a drummer is encouraged to know the vocal lines and understand the guitar & keyboard parts; likewise a bassist should understand drum grooves and guitar & piano lines.

We recognise that every single student that attend our school have different levels of abilities which requires individually tailored attention. The PSM incorporates the Rockschool & Trinity  syllabus for the Grade Exams. However the classes go beyond the set syllabus to ensure the student has an indepth knowledge of other aspects of music as well. This extra step helps to increase the understanding of our students so that they eventually receive considerably more information and training in addition.

We give equal importance to the other aspects of music - teamwork, mutual respect, hard work, discipline and focus.

PSM has trained over 1000 students since its inception while imparting indepth knowledge in the strictest sense of music training. Our faculty consists of trainers with years experience in the music circuit in India who
encourage creativity and originality in music at all levels from basic to advanced. We also incorporate Indian ragas- understanding and application (for guitarists)

The different instruments taught under various disciplines at the Parikrama School of Music are Western Contemporary - Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano and Vocals.

Nurturing Bands; Students are encouraged to form bands.  Under the guidance of faculty members the bands are taught technical aspects of stage performances.

Live Shows: The School Concert- Sound Waves is an event where all the students get an opportunity to perform and showcase their best. More than 200 students have performed over 45 original music ranging from band performances to solo drums and piano recitals.

Our students have also been given the chance to perform at special events like  music workshops conducted at Planet M, South Extension (2004, 2005), New Year and Christmas Eve Programs for Sahara TV (in 2004), interview for NDTV in 2005.

Compositions and Studio Recordings: Students are encouraged to compose, write and record original music. Recording techniques and processes are also taught simultaneously. 

How Music Helps during College Admissions: Most colleges in Delhi University have music quotas for gifted musicians which gives you an added opportunity for gaining admissions into your college of choice.

One of our student, Karan Vadera recorded his demo tracks for “Berklee College of Music, USA” (one of the leading colleges in the world for contemporary music) under the guidance of Sonam Sherpa which helped him secure admission.
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